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General Admission: $2022

This includes ONE scholarship for a BIPOC participant. After purchase, the host (KellyAnne) will reach out to you to see if you have someone in mind to bring.

If not, the scholarship will be open to the public.


General Admission + Penis Tax: $2222

Includes ONE BIPOC scholarship; penis tax does not apply to trans, genderfluid, and intersex individuals.

BIPOC Admission: $66-$1122

For brown, black, and indigenous babes, please choose the pricing that you are able to invest at this time.

(less than $10/week!)

$1122 is the BRING A FRIEND admission price!


So if you'd like to split the cost with a friend or be their bodacious benefactor for this wild ride, select this investment!! Once you've purchased, you will be contacted by the host and asked to share your plus one's email address.


(only $65/week!)

Your payment by 12 midnight EST August 4th will qualify you to receive the bonus materials listed on the previous page. If you purchase after 8/4, you will not be able to receive the bonus materials.


If you would like to make monthly payments, please email now and simply include “payment plan” in the subject line of the email. There are 3 and 6 month options currently available, but we can create any payment plan that works for you, so please email me and we'll adapt the investment to your situation together.


When you invest in a payment plan for this course, you agree to pay in full at the beginning of each month via an invoice that will be sent to your email. If you are unable for any reason to make a payment, email immediately and let ya girl know. I am here for you, and want to make sure that you’re able to get the transformative support you need now while it’s being offered!! Please do not hesitate to reach out and let me know what your circumstances are so we can come to a solution together.


There is a white folx price and a BIPOC price, so we ask that you be honest when you invest. We also require that a penis tax of $200 be paid for cisgender men who are not BIPOC. Feel free to email to inquire about pricing, payment, or any other concerns you may have while considering your ability to invest in this course.


There will be no refunds given for non-participation in this course. This is a live course with beautiful humyns who have been working hard to refine their topics, tools, and techniques and who deserve full payment for their time and energy investment. Your monetary investment is a commitment to show up to this course at the level of participation you are willing and able to attend with; neither the host nor the speakers of this course are responsible for your dedication to this course. That being said, if you are not in attendance for the first two workshops you will be contacted by the host (KellyAnne) and receive a compassionate check in, nudge, and calling-in so that you remember why you made this commitment for yourself. Everyone needs accountability; i will do everything within my power to playfully pull you from your comfort zone and challenge you in your devotion to incorporating change and appreciating chaos


The six months of accountability emails starts the week after the course ends and continues biweekly until the first week in February 2023. Follow-up emails may include a range of resources and offerings from each and any of the speakers in this course, including more journaling prompts, card reading spreads, EFT tappings, meditations, coloring pages, somatic practices, and discounts on services. These emails are intended to be brief and easily digestible, as well as remind of the topics that were covered in the course in such a way that helps you to deepen and expand into your practices.

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