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Clarifying Sessions

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Clarifying Sessions are a service I developed for a fellow Spiritpreneur one day, and kept being asked to do them!

But it's also great for anyone who wants to:

  • feel held, seen, & understood

  • clear mental fog

  • speak honestly about confusion, fears, & overwhelm

  • get your personal & professional life in order

  • make space for your passions

  • project into the future to solidify action steps

  • tap into spiritual guidance

  • receive practices for inner resources management

  • redirect your energy with focus & purpose

  • connect thoughts, ideas, & beliefs that were hazy

  • own your strengths

  • think outside the box to find new solutions

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Or, try out one of our...

Long-term pricing plans

Want consistent access to the clarity you need to feel confident? Check out our discounted monthly or pay-in-full Clarifying Session plans, which include ongoing support and accountability via Whatsapp messaging.

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