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The Divine Chaos Workbook is over 50 pages of content including doodling, checklists, and quizzes that will help you understand, embrace, and embody the Chaos energy within you!

This workbook is a compilation of all that I've learned in the last 2+ years after diving deeply into the true calls to action behind every disruption or disappointment.


I believe when we face chaos, it's sent as a divine gift for you to unwrap and discover: How can this sudden change inspire me to become even more of the person I'm meant to be?


My goal with this workbook is to help you face chaos; the ever-changing seasons of life, and the temporary curve-balls that make our heads spin.


Free from anxiety or worry about how to come through it, you'll finish the course fully empowered to re-harmonize every area of your life for a greater sense of control, joy, and fulfillment.


My intention in writing this is to guide your current mindset & rhythms away from hyperactivity (9-5, 24/7 productivity overload) and hypoactivity (not rest, but Netflix & numbness) so that you can make space for daily restorative peace.

Embracing & embodying Divine Chaos will. change. your. fucking. life.


Did you enter 2020 saying this is the year to level up, evolve your work, your world, and get shit done? (or has the current chaos made you forget??)


Did you tell yourself this was the year to take charge of your healing & happiness? (or would you prefer to sit back and anxiously watch the world burn??)


I'm hoping this workbook will bring you back into yourself and what you truly desire. take charge of yourself in this liminal space and ask: Who do I want to be on the other side of this chaotic time?

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