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Live or online

As a Transmitter of Truth, KellyAnne enjoys connecting with people in real time and channeling what needs to be heard.

The topic varies by audience & cosmic timing, which makes this an excellent offering to bring into any group setting, whether corporate or personal.

This ability is captivating both in person and over Zoom/Skype.

B O O K  T H I S  O F F E R I N G


Live offering

As a High Priestess, KellyAnne leads from the center of a group's energy, and can sense the unspoken concerns in any crowd. This is an excellent offering for work settings wherein creating stable, trusting, respectful bonds AND boundaries is needed. A highly-skilled facilitator is a key element in successfully reshaping community culture & its practices, and KellyAnne has 6 years of experience with helping the energy to flow in organizational settings.


This offering is also for private, ceremonial use. Plant medicine ceremonies require intuitive guides, and KA intentionally and patiently co-creates a safe space for exploring the shadow and shattering paradigms.


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C L I C K  H E R E


Live or online

As a compassionate guide, KellyAnne delivers effective, gentle teachings that emboldens learners to shift away from disempowering mindsets and fear-based beliefs.

Topics include:

- Intuitive Leadership

- The Power of Being New

- Compassionate Conflict

- How to Self-Care Without Sacrifice

Teachings are available in person or online over Zoom/Skype.

B O O K  T H I S  O F F E R I N G


Live offering

As an advocate for self-care as healthcare, KellyAnne has crafted full-day and weekend schedules for mental, physical, and spiritual well-being practices. She organizes, leads, and reads during retreats, playing the part of planner, co-host, and entertainment during any retreat event.


Day retreats are centered around deep relaxation in a shortened time.


Weekends optimize the pleasure & play time, with multiple options available for relaxing, releasing, re-energizing, and realigning.

Event options include:

- Guided meditation

- Yoga & Groove-yoga

- Oracle & Tarot readings (group or individual)

- Past Life readings

- Archetype Wheel casting

- Plant medicine ceremony

- Inner Child expeditions

- Breathwork

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C L I C K  H E R E