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If you’re a sensitive-strong, spiritual soul who wants to welcome more magic & fempowerment into your life, but don’t have the time or resources to dive as deeply as you desire into your inner self… you’ve come to the right place.

I see you, babe. Right now, you’re…


  • stretched between meeting the expectations of loved ones, coworkers, & society, on top of rising to meet your own; so caught up with helping others that “me time” occurs rarely or never

  • hoping to prove your worth & avoid negative judgment from others by piling on more responsibilities, but end up too exhausted & overwhelmed to pursue your own aspirations or affirm how much you deserve rest, love, and  s p a c e  to breathe

  • disenchanted by failed attempts at changing the people around you for the better, while itching to connect with *your people* who will call you higher & align with your next-level self

  • criticizing yourself for responding in hurtful, unconscious ways to the frustrating patterns in life that you KNOW you have the power to change… if only you had what you need to focus on fixing & healing yourself

  • constantly concerned & anxious about the future which puts your instincts in the present moment on the back-burner and makes you miss out on feeling joy - right now!

That is a whoooole lot to take on!! It’s a shame your bullshit tolerance has gotten this high; especially when all you really want is…


  • to focus more on your strengths and less on your flaws!

  • to activate the voice of your inner cheerleader, because the critic has had the spotlight for way too long!

  • to give your own self mother-effing permission to say what’s in your heart!

  • to rely on and align with your intuitive, gut instincts that have never led you astray!

  • to affirm that feelings are GOOD, your emotions are VALID, and they actually HELP you get shit done!

  • to consistently connect with your unconditionally loving, divine inner spirit so powerfully that victimhood falls away!

  • to stop second-guessing yourself & fully believe that the universe has your back… ALWAYS!

But the breakthrough hasn’t come… yet.

You’ve done everything you can think of to reignite that goddess within who is just reachable on the other side of old traumas & toxic habits. More than once, you’ve started infusing your daily routine with more self-care, hoping frequent massages and therapy sessions will give you what you really desire. You’ve read a list of “life-changing books” searched on Google, but forgotten to follow through and pick one to change YOUR life. Even after watching countless Youtube videos, following a hundred self-love influencers on social media, and wandering from episode to episode on your favorite podcast, you’re still not where you want to be.


It feels like something is missing.

You’ve been trying to follow a by-the-book blueprint for how life is supposed to be, and how you “should” step into your big-kid pants. You’re convinced working hard earns you good karma, so you load everyone else’s shit on your shoulders, self-sacrificing as “the strong one” beyond your breaking point. To top it all off, you think being independent means doing everything by yourself, keeping your struggles under wraps until they start to choke the enthusiasm out of even the things you actually like to do!!


All of this, distracting you from the deeper shit.

I totally fuckin get it sweet angel, cause that used to be me!

My whole life was about me trying to live up to what my parents thought I should be doing, what my sister had accomplished, what my grandmother expected of me, what my teachers saw in me, what my friends thought of me, what my partners told me I should be!


I was granting everyone else’s wishes, and never my own! 


It’s all because I was afraid I wouldn’t live up to my potential. I looked for ways to avoid my own healing, so I filled my calendar with everyone else’s expectations - thinking that working hard, staying busy, being everyone else’s cheerleader, and forever saying yes to shit I didn’t give two farts about is what would make me a good person. My life was centered around earning titles: Perfect Daughter, Perfect Sister, Perfect Student, Perfect Girlfriend, Perfect “Lady”... until enough was enough! 


I realized that my life means nothing if I don’t get to be the one who lives it; I am meant to be more, to experience more, to have more, to impact more, to influence massive change! And there was no way I could become the change I hope to see in the world if I continued to accept my own, internal bullshit!!


I spent the next 2 years falling in love with myself - accepting what I’ve been through to get me here, releasing harmful habits & beliefs, discovering & focusing on my personal strengths, owning my gifts, and fully embracing my true inner self. I had no idea that my own healing journey would forge a new path to self-exploration, self-compassion, and radical self-love!

And you know what the missing link had been all that time?


Not a single. fucking. thing. I figured out the hard way that the key to unlocking my next-level, fempowered inner self was within me from the start.

Now I get to shine in my passion & my purpose by showing fellow badass witches how to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be. I have the honor of working alongside fellow magical beings like you to uncover your power, reconnect with your divine inner self, and guide you through the growing pains that lead to the spiritual shift that matters most: TRUSTING YOURSELF!

The uncomfortable truth is, you have everything you need to heal, grow, & transform.


When you make the choice to step outside of your comfort zone (which is actually a pretty miserable place, amirite??), you tap into your ideal self who’s been waiting for their time to shine all along.

If your heart has been with me so far, I know this resonates and I personally invite you to...

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The benefits of this membership are clear:


  • get the tools, mentorship, and resources you need to trust yourself above all else

  • take up the space you desire & deserve in a supportive community where love comes first

  • finally become accustomed to feeling worthy of adoration & attention

  • develop your innate powers for tuning into the ebbs & flows of the cosmos, the natural cycles of action & rest

  • listen to & recognize the voice of your intuition more clearly than ever

  • maximize your impact & influence on the world’s positive vibrations

  • create harmony throughout every area of your life with small but super high-impact decisions

  • sync up with stability & success in your own unique way

  • expand your horizons & healing hub by connecting to new souls who feel like friends from another lifetime

  • overcome obstacles with laughable ease while celebrating every success along the way


With features that include:


  • Vibrant Resources blog & vlog where i share spells, revelations, and strategies for amplifying self-care, self-worth, and self-awareness!

  • New Moon gatherings via Zoom (conference call app) to check in with the coven & combine our energies for powerful manifestation rituals!

  • replay of all my IG Live card readings on the astrological seasons + specific cosmic transits like when Mercury goes retrograde or an eclipse is occurring, so that you’ve always got your finger on the pulse of what’s happening with the universe (and can re-watch any time you like as a reminder/refresher)!

  • VC-only classes via Zoom for learning the craft, developing intuition, and expanding on your personal strengths in a face-to-face video call - so we can REALLY get intimate!

  • sneak peeks into every new personal, emotional, and spiritual growth program that V for Vibrant releases, forever & ever! 

  • BONUS “Find Your Flow” introductory training, exclusively with me!

  • Birthday Bonus: a complimentary card reading, sent directly to your email on your b-day!

  • Galentine’s Day Gatherings (started in 2015 in Gainesvulle, FL!) that put restoration & rejuvenation of the soul at the top of our to-due list; seasonally, we gather on the 14th of the month to purely have no agenda but to treat ourselves & spread the love! once a year I invite all of the “gals” to summon for an in-person meet up - like a spiritual slumber party on shrooms!!

  • + opportunities for Priestess & High Priestess VIP giveaways!


What is possible for you when you decide to amplify your energy with the coven:


  • amplifying your strengths & innate abilities with greater speed and ease

  • access to deeper, more expansive knowledge around controlling emotions, tapping into intuition, communicating boundaries, and showing up for the spiritual shifts

  • heightened consciousness of cosmic energies affecting you, so you can get a leg up on the astrological changes and turn them into opportunities

  • showing up as your truest self in a space where any of the wonderful witches you’re with can step in to help, support, take over where you leave off, and give you more relief than grief

  • greater, clearer sense of what unconditional love of yourself and others is meant to look like via the incredible relationships awaiting you inside...

It sounds too good to be true, but it’s on you to decide if it’s right - for YOU.

Each & every investment is subject to disappointment OR becoming the best decision you’ve ever made… and how you view either sides of this coin depends on your mindset:


  • you could take this opportunity to blow your old self out of the water, OR you could hold onto fear that it’ll be a waste of time… but all i hear you saying is, “i’m not important enough to spend time, money, and energy on.”

  • you could view the dollar signs as intimidating eyes that dare you to back down, OR you could view them as the face of an energetic exchange in which you reclaim your highest self back from your parents, back from the patriarchy, and back from the patterns of self-doubt still pushing you around.

  • you could save your money for something else, hold out to buy a bunch of material things that you’re saving up for, OR you could see the peace & restoration of your physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional body as the most worthwhile purchase you’ll make the whole year, even your whole life!

When you deeply desire accountability and assistance for the transformation you’ve felt approaching for a long time, you could waste away on the internet searching for hours to “life hack” your reality... 


Or you could decide that enough is enough. Your intuitive adventure starts today.

Most of the babes in this Vibrant Coven have put up the same resistance to releasing this idea that they could logically find their own way out of the burdensome beliefs they’ve become accustomed to. Chasing their dreams made them feel tired and confused as if caught in a maze; putting in the research hours, getting lost down different rabbit holes, just to find a trick that’ll fix everything made them feel totally disengaged; believing they were incapable of taking control of their own lives made them feel more than helpless - they felt hopeless.


It all circled back to a notion that if you can’t do it yourself, then you’re broken, you’re a failure, you’re unworthy & a huge disappointment.

But let me repeat:


There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with you!!

The reality is, there never was. Society magnifies fake news & fear, trapping us in a cage made of conditional love that we can’t easily see, so we stay spinning our wheels with work in an existence that is unfulfilling as fuck. They wanted us to believe that we are not whole, complete, and worthy of love just the way we were when we entered this world.


In this coven, we can break free of a life that was chosen for us without our consent; one fueled by fear, anxiety, depression, and stress that keeps us down & out of consciously creating the world we wanna live in.


Together, we take ownership of our energy, level up, and create our own expectations for who we want to be and how we’d like to show the fuck up!!


It is our sensitivity to the world that allows us to make it better than we found it. It is the strength in coming back to the difficult shit over and over that allows us to learn life’s lessons. It is self-awareness that allows us to develop compassion so potent that it infects others. In choosing this divine path, we begin to radiate love and become a beacon for others to accept their truths, too.

WARNING: If you’re a spirit-led changemaker who is ready to join, be prepared to face the most encouragement & clarity & celebration of your authentic self that you have EVER FACED!!!


You’ve been warned… <3


Welcome to the Vibrant Coven.