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Babe, it's a good thing you're here. It means you've discovered you have an intuition that needs dusting-off.


You have this sneaking feeling that your intuition would never lead you astray... if only you could hear it!! And not just as a whisper now & then, but clearly and consistently.


Are you ready to make CERTAIN that you can always hear its guidance?


Good!! Cause that's what we're about to do.


I'm pretty sure you're already into this whole unblocking-your-intuitive-SUPERPOWERS thing, but before we get started, I think it's helpful to remind you what happens when anything gets in the way of you hearing your inner voice of truth...


(so when you finish this course, you'll NEVER GO BACK!!)

How does life go off the rails when you can't hear your intuition?

  • You make the wrong choices for you.

  • You rely on other peoples advice because you don't trust yourself.

  • You worry about what other people think of you (allllllll the fucking time!)

  • You play along with the game of "What if...?" so you're constantly questioning your first instinct.

  • You run back to shitty relationships, ignoring red flags.

  • You get stuck in analysis paralysis.

  • You become easily swept up in emotional decision-making.

  • ... and then some!!

I'll be honest with you from the start; hearing your intuition again will set off a chain reaction...


You will lose people from your life; but you'll only briefly grieve their loss because your intuition will be leading you away from the ones who were never rooting for you to the people who will always be your cheerleaders.


You'll start to make lightning-quick decisions that almost feel illegal; but you'll be moving on from bad habits, beliefs, behaviors, and situations so dang fast because your intuition will be there to grease the wheels (and make self-doubt eat your dust!)


You'll start to feel like the narcissist, the abuser, the apathetic asshole in your family; but it'll only feel that way because you'll start to be as confident in your joy as they were in sucking it out of you.


You will start to just KNOW what you need for the first time in your life because you'll have your intuition to tell you... and it'll remind you, too, to stop being concerned about how others feel and to start focusing on how YOU feel.

I guarantee 100% that you will move past it...


The growing pains do not last. They hurt, FOR SURE!

But babe, growing pains are an indication that we are stretching ourselves outside of our comfort zone...


to do what we've never done before, so we can live a life we've never dared to live.


That's what an unblocked intuition can do.


It can help you gain perspective on the life you've been living, so you also gain confidence in choosing with your most Sacred Yes and Sacred No.


No more maybe-life that's wishy-washy, second-guessing, self-sabotaging, and anxiously prepared for the worst.

When you've got a crystal-clear intuition, only your "Hell Yes!" will be enough to inspire you to...


- perform acts of service for others

- make purchases that don't end in buyer's remorse

- speak up about what you like and don't like

- spend time in situations that feel safe and fun for you

- become physically & emotionally intimate with others

- invest your time, energy, and resources in moments that add value to your life or increase your well-being

We certainly won't get all the way there in 3 Weeks, but after the first day, you will start to see a glimpse of that person who can make all of these changes, confident that they're the right moves to make.


Because you'll see right away while working with me that hearing your intuition is the purest way to follow your innermost truth.

That's really all I could ever want for you; to find out where your inner voice has been trying to lead you all this time...

so that YOU can become the leader of your own life.

How's this gonna go?

Well, I'm taking reservations for a 3-Week course with limited seating to make sure YOU get lots of 1:1 attention, guidance, and resources.

The course will be starting October 10th and ending the day before Halloween, on October 30th.

You'll get:

  • 3 live classes

  • 2 rituals

  • a What's Blocking Your Intuition? card reading during the course, for individualized guidance around what is blocking your intuition most

    • PRE-SALE BONUS: a foundational guidance card reading, sent before the start of the course, intended to prepare you for the changes you're about to make!​

  • recordings of all classes and content

  • + tons of resources that will be yours to keep forever, to use over and over again, or share with a friend!

My intention is to set you up with everything you might need to keep diving deeper into your relationship with your intuition after the course ends,

I take this very seriously (though it may not seem like it by the way I'm laughing & joking all the time!), and that's because I understand the importance of this relationship.

Your relationship with your intuition is the REALEST connection you might ever develop...

which I believe is special and necessary, since your intuition will be the only one who will stick beside you your whole. entire. LIFE.

On this journey, you are gonna end up meeting & bonding with the best friends you've ever had. They'll be like siblings, soul-bonded and champions of your strength, your character, your "-ness". They will be there for you through thick and thin...

but they will not be there 24/7 like your intuition will.

They won't always be available to check you, or tell you the honest-to-goodness TRUTH when you need to hear it.

Your Inner Voice? Your intuition? That will always come through, every time, all of the time.

ONLY if you Unblock Your Intuition now!!

And after you begin, you must continue expanding your intimacy with your intuition when this guided experience ends. But don't worry! I'm gonna load your ass up with practices & tools that are simple and easy to use!!!

If you can commit yourself to the practice of listening for your inner voice for these 3 weeks, the rest will take care of itself...


with the help of the exclusively designed coloring pages, podcast recommendations, playlists, morning & evening routine suggestions, and journaling prompts!

The hardest part of rekindling your intuitive spark is showing up to the inner work that challenges your habits and awakens your unconscious beliefs.

Luckily for you, I've combined every high-impact resource that exists (and created some just for this course!) to make showing up more than easy - it'll be fun, playful, and give you ALL THE PERMISSION to do it your way.

*prayer hands emoji*

Once you've unblocked your intuition, you will feel sure of yourself and respect the decisions you make.


You will be able to KNOW without thinking twice who and what is inviting you to align with more love, kindness, and honesty.


You will enjoy doing things your way, unapologetically, flexibly, confidently.

And you will be emotionally, energetically, and spiritually invincible.

I hope you join me in becoming a clear channel for the powerful voice of truth that is living within you. You deserve the chance to know what your whole life could look & feel like once that truth is unlocked.