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Need some clarity? Confirmation that you're on the right track? A SIGN telling you to leave or stay?

The odds are good that you're not the only one in need of guidance; the universe pushes and pulls at all of us, and some of us just so happen to be in the same boat at the same time.

In group energy readings, the message that you need to hear is often shared by your cosmic siblings - many people feel the ebbs and flows of energy at the same time and don't even realize it!!

So hello - you're not alone on the struggle bus. You may just need a new direction. Or a new song to sing along to!

In other words, a group card reading will do the trick if you want quick clarity so you can regain the confidence to make the right decisions for you, right now.

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  • Recording of the live reading sent to your email within 24 hours, so you can get quick, current guidance even if you're unable to attend the live session

  • Zoom link to the live session, where you can use the chat feature to ask clarifying questions and engage with the group

  • Discount code for a private 1+ hour reading

  • Chance to hear from loved ones who have passed on, your spirit guides, ancestors, and past/future lives

  • Access to NLP techniques and educational resources that may be offered for the benefit of the group (varies from reading to reading)

  • Ability to watch the recorded reading again as many times as you wish

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Friday, April 8th


Monday, April 18th

Friday, April 29th

Monday, May 9th

**Start time for group energy readings will be 5:30pm PST/8:30pm EST unless otherwise specified in your confirmation email.

**You may join or leave the live session at any time; if you aren't able to attend, a recording of the entire session will be sent to you via email within 24 hours.


By clicking a "Pay" button, you will book a group reading for the current date listed above. You can pay as late as midnight (12am EST) on the day of the current scheduled reading if you were not able to pay until after the live session ends, and still receive that day's recording emailed to you within 24 hours.

If you would like to pay now for a different scheduled group energy reading than the current one, please email KellyAnne at vforvibrant@gmail.com to specify which scheduled day (from the list above) you are paying for.

Paypal and Credit/Debit accepted.


You may also pay via Venmo: @Kelly-Herman-4  ~  be sure to include your email address and the date of the scheduled reading in the memo so you can easily receive your confirmation email and link to the Zoom call.