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between being too patient with people (to the point of ruined relationships) and constantly running low on compassion (cause you're "here for" just about everyone you know), the story of the Family Healer can crush you.


Family Wounds run deep for just about everybody, but especially for those of us who understand how it felt to always be the mediator, the black sheep, the generational curse breaker. this course is intended to help with healing family wounds while putting forgiveness at the core of the healing process.


and i know, maybe forgiveness is hard for you. maybe it was even a tool your family used against you to snuff out your rage against all the wrong things you pointed out that they were just incapable of holding themselves accountable for. maybe forgiveness is a sore subject.


my hope is that through this course you'll rebuild a relationship to Forgiveness, one of life's many incredible medicines, that gives you peace and allows you to move on - for yourself, not for anyone else.


in this course you'll find:

  • embodied practices for calming your nervous system
  • a guided meditation and journaling experience for rewriting the "Family Healer" Story
  • word web printouts
  • affirmations for forgiveness
  • somatic self-guided journaling exercises
  • a personal deep-dive into my family wound & forgiveness journey


if you are Black or Indigenous, please email to apply for a scholarship to this course.

Family Wounds & Forgiveness Course

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