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release control already!!! give up the binary need for black and white, wrong or right!!! if you're recovering from perfectionism, this is especially for you!


learn to let go with this incredible course including astrology expert Colin Bedell, bodyworker Lara BaraUna, and compassion guide KellyAnne Herman.


the universe can guide you to where you're meant to be! but first, you must allow yourself to surrender. this course will show you how, and help you to open yourself up to guidance, clarify your vision for what you want in life, gain astrology knowledge, and support your body in relaxing into the flow.


self-paced course including:

  • Divine Chaos Workbook
  • videos from 3 diverse speakers
  • voice recordings
  • journaling prompts
  • online community
  • audiobook version of the Divine Chaos Workbook
  • and other resources hosted on Google Classroom


the download will give you lifetime access to the Google Classroom in which everything can be found.


audiobook version of the workbook available for those who experience vision impairment.

Divine Chaos Course & Workbook

  • PDF format download; download is of a 1-page document with the Google Classroom code that will give access to all course and workbook resources.

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