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The Wandering

The Wandering
The Wandering

Fri, Sep 22


Zoom Meeting

The Wandering

Come home to yourself compassionately, let go of the perfectionist need to know, and embrace what's truly right for you.

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Sep 22, 2023, 2:22 PM – 4:44 PM EDT

Zoom Meeting

About the event

"Stop everything you are doing and sign up for this experience NOW! RIGHT NOW! KellyAnne leads you on a playful excursion to question everything. She helps you abandon the incessant need for *knowing* to embrace curiosity. She helps you get curious and expand beyond the same tired old solutions to wonder what else is possible without having to choose or settle on any one plan of action. This new approach she has created is liberating from the narrative of traditional problem-solving which requires a solution and action. This opens the door for infinite solutions and no urgency about any of them. After the Wandering I felt refreshed and relieved. I highly recommend this experience. Thank you KellyAnne!" -- Sarah V.



The Wandering is designed to quiet your inner perfectionist and allow yourself the grace to embrace What Might Be rather than fixating on The Right Thing. This intimate event includes a guided meditation and journaling experience, followed by optional card readings. You'll walk away feeling lighter, less urgently concerned about what's next, and relieved to know that you can come back to this state of peace whenever you need. We'll also add one more tool to your emotional regulation toolbox, which has been used by Wandering participants with great success.



"I'm pretty useless when it comes meditation so it was valuable to have someone else direct me and to remove some of the onus of having to figure out if I was "doing it right." The writing portion I also thoroughly enjoyed. I find myself floating through life asking tons of questions all the time, and to dissect one of those questions in a way that frames it as an exercise rather than a fact finding mission was really valuable. I find myself "Maybe-ing" throughout my day much more often than before, and it helps me relax into self-reflection." -- Wilson M.

"Fuck yes! Holy shit! I loved it! It was amazing to find that place inside of me. I got to really ask questions I needed to reflect on. It was really profound to go from frustration and anger to a sense of relief and lack of urgency. KellyAnne made the whole process feel easy and playful." -- Kai F.

"I had always thought of "journaling" as almost a diary of what had occurred that day, or your hopes & dreams, etc (which is why I don't often do it). This guided journaling was very different. Being given a topic or lane to run down, with an end point, it helped me to focus on what was being asked instead of my mind going blank. The two prompts took me somewhere I'd never expected and was quite therapeutic. I was surprised the emotion and comfort it brought me in doing just that small task." -- Holly H.

"The Wandering made me feel close to myself, as though I was hanging out with myself in a super familiar home. I believe KellyAnne is a great leader and I felt comfortable and willing to be vulnerable in the space that she provided. To me she kept a great pace throughout the event, I felt heard and I felt everyone at the event had the space to share and be heard as well." -- Roland M.

"KellyAnne was a magnificent guide. Clear, intentional, and very easy to follow/surrender to. I appreciated being reminded that my choice to show up to the event was also a choice to show up for myself and my peace. I wholeheartedly appreciate how freely KellyAnne gave of themselves and their gift of soft clarity to us. I absolutely loved the meditation, the journaling, and the card reading. It was very fruitful - I left the event feeling rejuvenated, affirmed, and incredibly grounded in myself and my body." -- Gari F.

"KellyAnne is a wonderful guide when it comes to vulnerability. Her non judgment makes it easy to share. The introspective journey was welcome. Although I introspect regularly, it’s easy to get carried away in a particular direction. I appreciated the guidance." -- Lizzy A.


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