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7 Months of Tools, Resources, and Practices for Accepting The Flow of Life: Divine Chaos

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This was so well put together, and honestly I'm still going through all the resources! There's enough to chew on that I will probably listen through again, which I think speaks to the value and depth of the course. Thank you for delivering a really beautiful course! This was my first E-course and I'm super grateful that it turned out to be so wonderful, and covered such a diverse span of subjects that tied together so well.

~ Freelance Artist, 31 - Divine Chaos Course 2020 Participant

I enjoy all of KellyAnne's insights. She speaks carefully, and always makes incredible connections with her metaphors. Her passion and purpose radiates through every word spoken. And she holds an incredible space for learning.

~ Educator, 25 - Divine Chaos Course 2020 Participant

Each workshop, each speaker, each discussion question has helped me to begin building a new foundation of a new way of living and being, of feeling and thinking. So thank you, thank you, thank you for this course. It could not have come at a better time. Divine Timing. I am endlessly grateful.

~ Wellness Coach, 34 - Divine Chaos Course 2018 Participant

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What will I get from the Divine Chaos Course?

  1. Adaptable tools and practices for embodying chaos and accepting whatever the universe throws at you with grace and ease

  2. Live workshops once a week for 5 weeks that include short lectures, activities, and Q&As

  3. Recorded playbacks of every workshop for watching later or watching again!

  4. Resources: journaling prompts, recorded meditations, EFT tapping, and printable coloring pages

  5. Intimate communion with 5 experts and a community of peers

  6. 6 months of follow-up accountability, plus new materials and offers every month!

  7. BONUS: Every workshop and resource from Divine Chaos 2020, including works from Colin Bedell @queercosmos and Lara BaraUna @mossycleopatra (watch a clip below!!)

  8. BONUS: Divine Chaos Workbook, printable and audio versions

Divine Chaos 2020: "Nopes" Clip

from Attuning the Body for Surrender

with Lara BaraUna

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