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I'm literally crying tears of joy, listening to "pete davidson" and feeling so blessed that this passion, this concept, this fate fell into my lap. Thank Love I get to bring this to y'all as my *job*!

This was so well put together, and honestly I'm still going through all the resources! There's enough to chew on that I will probably listen through again, which I think speaks to the value and depth of the course.

Emily, 31 freelance artist

Over the past few years, this course has covered one topic per week, but this feedback from one of the Divine Chaos Live Course participants, along with my instinct to re-play through this course, has made me think this topic needs more love and attention over a longer period of time.

This topic is NEW to so many people who are trying to be more in touch with their authentic selves, feel that they're on a spiritual path, or just want to escape the torturous life of perfectionism and productivity that's been drilled into our heads!

No wonder we need more time to sit with it and go deep.

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