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Welcome to the 3rd Annual Divine Chaos Course!

We've evolved so much from a few years ago, as I'm sure you have, too, which is why we are so fucking good at bringing the most updated pathways for reconnecting to the divine Self: your deep well of ancestral wisdom, your joyful inner child, your sensitivity & sexuality, your bold wildness.

This year, our focus is on the concept of SURRENDER and how accepting the difficult-to-accept situations in our lives can bring us blissful peace, and even guide us toward the path we're meant to be on (not the one we think we're supposed to pursue.)

For babes who love to challenge themselves with personal growth and shadow work, this course will be an epic deep dive into how strength can be fully embodied; not just physical strength, but spiritual and emotional strength.

Self-empowerment is important to you, for your inner and outer world. The stellar Speakers who will be teaching you throughout this 3-week course understand that on an intimate level.

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... feeling spiritually stuffy, like the messages and connection to the divine is somehow blocked.

... sponging up energy left and right, being sensitive to it all, without a sure way to wring out the darkness.

... feeling unbalanced & constantly angry at the state of the world, how we've treated the Earth, and all the ways that loved ones refuse to see their part in it.

... diving into hopelessness and apathy in an attempt to disengage from all the rage & frustrations, but ending up worse-off than before.

... moving anxiously through life, concerned about every ripple effect you cause, causing you to become a failure-phobe and box yourself in.

... feeling stressed about productivity checklists that just won't quit, but failing to find alternatives to doing the actual or energetic work yourself.

... exploring your connection to Spirit, while tip-toeing around your shadows because they're so hard to move through on your own.

... feeling completely unsafe in your environment, which makes you put all your soul-alignment priorities and self-care needs on the back-burner.

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Chaos becomes your guide, mentor, and best friend.

That's what this course is all about: the spiritual nature of Order and Chaos, and all the ways that you can center yourself among them so that your peace, your power, your path, become consistent, clear callings from the universe.

When you dive into the world of Divine Chaos, you ultimately:

  • develop an amplified appreciation for the way your body, mind, and emotional being respond to trauma

  • find compassion in the shame stories you've been telling yourself, so you can release the darkness once and for all

  • feel a renewed sense of self-worth, personal value, and cosmic purpose, because you realize...


So the many times when you've felt knocked down, disconnected, isolated, afraid, and ashamed: they're not personal. They're cyclical, meaning the moments when you're tested to see the bigger picture of how your life is unfolding, they come back again and again.




You're right. That's why this year's course is FREE to Black folx, Indigenous Folx, and People Of Color. All you have to do is email me at and you'll have a spot in this course. (There are 10 Live spots available, and unlimited replay spots!)

For BIPOC, we will focus on ways to recover your spiritual gifts as well as revitalize through rest and ancestral healing. You deserve change, and space designated away from the front lines of change to care for your body, mind, and spirit.

To my fellow white people: this is the course that will reinforce and support all of the work your soul is invested in. Your integrity depends on learning to get squishy, vulnerable, and deeply uncomfortable. That's where shadow work & the Divine Chaos takes you. That's where the Speakers of this course and I intend to take you.

For the past two years, we've unblocked false beliefs, shattered the notion of perfection as the standard, broken through old structures by using the tools of curiosity, and re-affirmed the fuck out of our inner wildlings & wise elders. We've taken responsibility as living ancestors for the healing we embark on in this moment, and we're not gonna stop that tradition with this year's course.

There's gonna be time to vent about all the things you've been enraged by; to develop an understanding of what it truly means to embody that divine rage and give it meaning; to honor your most impactful experiences through practicing full acceptance of the fierceness imprinted on your heart.

This pathway of unlearning and awakening has been incredibly liberating and empowering for previous students, because the method of healing they end up choosing has come from within them, called out of their spirit. Learners get to leave with a profound sense of autonomy; "This came to me. This presented itself to me in a way that simply feels right. This is my way of healing."

And with a full self-awareness, self-worth, and self-compassion toolbelt, you'll be able to take on the responsibility of YOUR part in this course.

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When you finish this course, you'll walk away with...

  • tools for building inner-voice awareness and healing emotional trauma

  • knowledge of the relationship between the physical body and spirit body

  • resources & recorded content to guide you deeper (even when the course has ended!)

  • astrological, metaphysical, and gender-neutral wisdom on soul-alignment and self-discovery

  • a richer, stronger connection to the divine and its multi-colored harmonies

  • exposure to many "medicines" for you to try on, practice, and mold to fit your needs

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No matter how many years you've lived on this Earth, you'll always be re-newed through the cyclical currents of Chaos that bring change, growth, and healing. The Power of Being New is all about how you can embrace whatever life throws at you and be able to transform it. You'll learn how to handle "newness anxiety", why shadow work is the self-care you need, and Inner Unfolding techniques to help you unblock unconscious resistance to Divine Chaos.

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Participants will learn how Astrology invites a nonbinary, noncomforming sense of agency and relational skills beyond Venus as feminine, Mars as masculine, and more. Expanding our energetic notions of these planets invites a nuanced and provocative method to see how Natal Charts point the way to wholeharted self-acceptance beyond gender, sex, sexuality, and more. Provided with a companion audio lesson on how to locate, contextualize, and find deeper meaning of the planets and signs they transit for further understanding of the nonbinary nature of Astrology.

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Surrender is the first step towards abundance, and releasing our need to control involves more than a positive attitude or hopeful mentality. The body is equally involved in the retention of stress, fears, hopes and dreams that come to fruition in the mind. When we become in tune with our physical bodies and thinking habits, we can better understand which parts of us are refusing to let go and keep us from success. Through practices like breath work and meditation, we can begin to unlock the root causes of the base fears which navigate our lives.

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I enjoy all of KellyAnne's insights. She speaks carefully, and always makes incredible connections with her metaphors. Her passion and purpose radiates through every word spoken. And she holds an incredible space for learning.

~ Gari, 25 educator - Divine Chaos Course Participant

Thank you for inviting me in and delivering a really beautiful course! This was my first E-course and I'm super grateful that it turned out to be so wonderful, and covered such a diverse span of subjects that tied together so well.

~ Emily, 31 freelance artist - Divine Chaos Course Participant

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