Look at this baby!! Ahh, she didn't even know who she was becoming or what would come of her passion for personal growth.

This is when I was Kelly; a humyn with so many attachments to what others thought, and expectations that just didn't fit right.

I'm glad to see her shining face and remember the hope & optimism I felt in focusing my self-exploratory development on the spiritual, the soul-centered, and on emotional intelligence. It's a testament to the time when I declared for myself:

s e n s i t i v i t y   i s   a   s t r e n g t h .

I squeezed my first & middle name together to start going by KellyAnne, because I firmly advocate the externalizing of how you feel inside. Expression is important for empaths...

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I've always been sensitive to the power of love energy, and throughout my life there has been an inner glow that seeks out challenges to strengthen my self-love, understanding, and faith in mySelf.

I've studied humyn behavior through the social, linguistic, psychological, and emotional lenses, expanding infinitely into the tangle of intersectional dynamics that tie all beings together.

I've road-tripped across the United States for a language immersion program, where I learned just as much about developing trust in relationships as I did about Arabic.

I've started fresh in a new state by myself, through the power of manifesting a home that met all of my needs, only to struggle with debt and joblessness for months!

I've served the low-income areas of Miami, Florida with a non-profit organization, which focused on developing a growth mindset & grit in the young leaders who volunteered and their students.

I've myntored idealists whose dreams radiated creativity, yet needed guidance through confronting their fears - conflict, failure, rejection - which I only just started to dive into because of this experience!

I've spent years caring for family members with my healing hands, and several more years healing myself from the inside out after I was diagnosed with genital herpes.

I've led teams, facilitated live new moon rituals & plant medicine ceremonies, and been cultivating soul-aligned communities in every corner of my life.

I've trained as a myntor, a life coach, and a witch, tracing the greatest arcs of learning on my path back to big moments in my life when the magic of vulnerability shone brilliantly!


I've intentionally intertwined informational and intuitive knowledge as allies for my work with personal development, spiritual growth & alignment, and emotional intelligence.

These are all things I've done that make me who I am, which is a confident orator, transmitter of truth, intuitive healer, and designer of myntorship & spiritual learning programs. I bring big sis and high priestess energy. I bring surging enthusiasm and calming compassion. Love's path has brought me here to this moment where I write to you, beautiful babe, that if you want to know about me, you can think of the face you make toward a friend when they're being mean to themselves... that's me. I am that, embodied.

you're deserving of all the love you desire