hiya babe!!

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do you wanna...

CONFIRM what you know...

to reinforce you trusting yourself?

CLARIFY what you don't know...

to eliminate confusion, fear, and overwhelm?

and have the CONFIDENCE to take the next right step...

for you?

my name is KellyAnne

and my (com)passion is creating a shame-free culture for recovering people pleasers to start creating the vibrant life they desire

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As someone who has spent YEARS...

  • people pleasing,

  • being polite & keeping my needs to myself,

  • performing "perfect" (whatever the fuck that is),

  • caring a whole lot about other peoples' needs,


I know the cost of being lost within myself.

Without a clear focus on things like ~ WHO I AM ~ and ~ WHAT I WANT ~ how could anyone possibly ask for what it is they need, let alone focus on being the change they want to see in the world?

enter: holding space

I've been doing this for years (and you have too!), since before I even realized what I was doing.


Holding space is being physically, mentally, and emotionally present (for someone). It's an act of supporting another or yourself in feeling emotions as they arise, without passing judgment, imposing opinions, or offering solutions.

Before, as an overwhelmed empath, I was doing this without realizing it; just knowing it was the way I would want someone else to show up for me.

Now, as a professional space-holder, I guide others to set boundaries so their own space isn't invaded by narcissistic takers, drainers, and complainers. I lead group facilitation in which all voices are heard and hearts can listen while remaining open. I lovingly hold clients accountable to the vibrant lives they say they want to lead by reflecting back all that they already know they must do.

how i hold space

This was my first card reading and I'm so glad it was with you! You truly do have such compassionate energy... it's as if we were in the same room. Oh, and I LOVED when you broke out into song! The reading has given me a lot of insight and a lot to think about. Thank you so much!

Rachel, Card Reading Quickie

Thank you for perfect medicine, always. You are a queen, a master teacher and guide, and I would recommend you to anyone in search of tender lovin' from someone to grow and heal with.

You're AMAZING! The reading was so on point that I started shaking as I felt how much the cards resonated with me! I feel I finally have clarity to move forward and go the distance to pursue my dreams. After watching your video, the answer became clearer later in the day!

Stephanie, "Sixth Sense" Winter Solstice Event

& Bustle Rulebreakers 2019 "Healers Tent" collaborator


Erin, Card Reading

" My time with KellyAnne was so special and healing. She was able to communicate with my dad and his unique, lively, and funny personality really shone through - it could not have been more genuine. We smiled and laughed with him the whole time. I’ve said for 13 years now that losing my dad gets harder instead of easier every day because it’s more and more time passed since I’ve been able to see and talk to him.


I can’t describe the impact that this experience has had on my grief; instead of years it has been only a few months since I got to spend time with my dad, and I feel so much lighter.


This was one of the best experiences of my life. "

Jenny, Mediumship Reading

confirmation. clarity.  compassion. confidence.

( This is how I hold space. )

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Lyonzo, Clarifying Session

Clarifying Sessions are a service I developed for a fellow Spiritpreneur one day, and kept being asked to do them!

But it's also great for anyone who wants to:

  • feel held, seen, & understood

  • clear mental fog

  • speak honestly about confusion, fears, & overwhelm

  • get your personal & professional life in order

  • make space for your passions

  • project into the future to solidify action steps

  • tap into spiritual guidance

  • receive practices for inner resources management

  • redirect your energy with focus & purpose

  • connect thoughts, ideas, & beliefs that were hazy

  • own your strengths

  • think outside the box to find new solutions

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Gari, Clarifying Session

if you wanna hold space
at your own pace...

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