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Look at this baby!! Ahh, she didn't even know who she was becoming or what would come of her passion for personal growth.

This is when I was Kelly; a woman with so many attachments to what others thought, and expectations that just didn't fit right.

I'm glad to see her shining face and remember the hope & optimism I felt in focusing my self-exploratory development on the spiritual, the soul-centered, and on emotional intelligence. It's a testament to the time when I declared for myself:

s e n s i t i v i t y   i s   a   s t r e n g t h .

I squeezed my first & middle name together to start going by KellyAnne, because I firmly advocate the externalizing of how you feel inside. Expression is important for empaths...

Sharing my story - of how I overcame genital herpes stigma, healed myself from the inside out, found communities to support & affirm my authentic self, and became a leader in my own fucking life through cycles of transformation - has helped others just like you to empower themselves toward changing beliefs & behaviors for the better.

You're probably here because you're at least a teensy bit obsessed with your own personal growth, too, but need something different. Something no one gave you as a child or facilitated as you grew up. In those moments where you started developing self-awareness, you may have felt torn & twisted like you weren't made right, like no one could understand you, like you were a burden to others.

The truth is, your delicate glow is so fucking beautiful, vibrant, and natural, that the people around you couldn't handle it. They didn't know how to handle your honesty, your tears, your heartbreak, your compassion, nor your deeply connected sense of Self. They couldn't see how perfect you already were for feeling so much.

You showed them your  s o u l  and they turned away from its intensity.

In you, they saw their own hurts that they were denying, burying, and stifling. Your guardians had no experience guarding their own precious hearts, so they taught you what they knew about hiding it away instead of exposing it.

But you're here because you've finally learned for yourself that vulnerability has infinite power, and being sensitive enough to keep your heart open, opens up an infinite number of potentials.

  • your divine capacity for compassion

  • the sensitivity that strengthens your soul

  • all of the spiritual gifts you were born with

  • your unique destiny & life path

  • what you're meant to do in this lifetime

  • your emotionally intelligent design

  • the order & chaos within you

  • all routes to your truest inner Self

  • the support of soul-aligned community

  • your rawness, inside and out

  • the heart-exploding joy & fulfillment you've been searching for

  • the tools you've innately forged in the fires of experience

  • every lesson that's made you wiser

  • resources from trained experts & soul-aligned community

  • the subtle weapons you wield as a lightworker who welcomes the darkness

  • free guidance, because you fucking deserve it

  • powerful humyntorships with your role models and peers

  • new practices for maintaining a sustainable balance between action & rest

  • inspiration from the least expected sources