It's an honor to welcome you into this bold, courageous space. You're clearly on a journey - to understand who you really are, what truly makes you happy, and how to bring your purpose to life - and I respect the fuck out of that.

This hak is a queen if you're looking for tenderlovin from a master teacher/guide. Thank you for perfect medicine always.

~ Stephanie

This was my first card reading and I'm so glad it was with you! You truly do have such compassionate energy... it's as if we were in the same room. Oh, and I LOVED when you broke out into song!

~ Rachel

Ahh, I so love to hear that my energy is coming through loud (but also soft) and clear (but also caring)!

My name is KellyAnne and I guide folx through the spiritual healing & growth journey that happens when you become aware of your Inner Unfolding.

This self-love, -awareness, -confidence, -compassion, -respect, and self-healing process is one that starts when you start to realize how much you care about what other people think, feel restricted by social rules & roles, and recognize you're worth more than the pile of other people's bullshit that's keeping you suffocated.

I met my Inner Self for the first time a few years ago, and that's why I'm (finally unafraid to be) a lot of things.

I'm an intuitive self-healer of physical & emotional wounds; a divine child, deeply connected to the heart of the world; a living ancestor whose journey to wise hag has been initiated; a transmitter of truth in service to Love.

And I haven't even started on what I do for a living yet!

What I do is help others find the clarity, confidence, and self-compassion to become their own ideal, destined selves. My devotion to personal growth & spiritual alignment got me feeling whole again, and as long as you follow your own inner guidance, and are willing to ask for help, I believe your Inner Unfolding will be fulfilling AF for you, too.

Soulful clarity from hands-on, in-person communication is essential to breaking free from mindsets, habits, beliefs, and behaviors that cause mental, emotional, and physical suffering.



My gifts are intended for the Inner Unfolding process inherent in life; as life unfolds, we receive its beauty & bounty when we appreciate its depths. Divine Order and Chaos dance to balance the cosmic flow, and we're just here, witness in wonder at it all - the glorious and the grotesque.


The magic of shadow work gives me chills, and that's the reason I made it my job to help all magical beings surrender to it.

In communion with Spirit, the source and nature of love, we have the ability to heal ourselves from the inside out, through the power of imagination and devotion to self. I'm not fuckin kidding, YOU have this power!

It's called patience...


Choose this medicine when you feel uncertain or lost.


Choose this medicine when everything seems out of control.


Choose this medicine when you're committed to consistent alignment.


Choose this medicine when you want to explore your shadow.


Choose this medicine when seeking a community to slowly unfold with.


Choose this medicine when your self-love rituals need more attention.

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